The Creative Process Apprenticeship lasts for one year and enables your employee to be trained and to study for up to one day a week. The apprentice gains an industry recognised diploma whilst learning new skills and becoming more productive and competent in the job.

There is no set rate of pay. All apprentices must be employed for at least 30 hours a week and receive a legal minimum of £100 per week. However we strongly recommend that you pay your apprentice a liveable wage. Most of our apprentices are typically paid between £150- £300 per week.

We ask for your commitment to enable your apprentice to achieve their qualification by allowing them an average of up to a day a week to work on their apprenticeship and that you provide them with good management and supervision, as with any new employee.

The Benefits of a Creative Process Apprenticeship

  • £1000s in training and professional development for new or existing employees
  • Drive productivity and competitiveness
  • Minimise HR costs
  • Equip staff with industry leading, digital skills
  • Enable a higher level of competency and performance
  • Create a more diverse talent base
  • Increase staff retention and satisfaction

High Quality and Not for Profit

Unlike most private training providers we are not for profit which means that we put all of our Government funding into delivering high quality training programmes

Up to Date

Unlike most other training organisations and colleges we have a team of highly qualified trainers and assessors all of whom are professionally competent, industry practitioners working within the sector. This ensures that our training is completely up to date and on the cusp of emerging trends and new developments. In addition leading companies deliver bespoke master classes to enable our apprentices to learn from some of the best minds in the business.

Excellent Results

We are proud of our results which are the best in the sector and some of the best in the UK. We have a 100% success rate for all apprentices who get through the 12 month apprenticeship and a 90% retention rate. Our 2011 Ofsted was grade 1 and we have a Creative Skillset quality tick mark


An apprentice must be aged over 16, eligible to work in the UK and be an existing or new member of staff that you employ for at least 12 months

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