Five Easy Steps to Hire a New Apprentice 

  1. Register your interest or send us your job description detailing skills, qualities and salary (most of our apprentices are paid between £150-£300 a week)
  2. We advertise your role, long list, meet and assess all candidates, sending you the best to interview (based on a 5 week turn around and all done at no cost to you)
  3. You decide whom you may wish to appoint (there’s no obligation) and agree a job start date
  4. We enroll and induct your apprentice onto our training programme as soon as they start working for you
  5. We deliver all advanced and higher level training and accreditation based on the Government set 10% employer contribution
  6. Creative Process takes care of all the training, the diploma accreditation and all of the administrative paperwork so you can focus on delivering the best results for your new apprentice and your business

‘Creative Process provide a high quality recruitment and training service for the Sky digital and marketing apprentices, a new generation of digital savvy, young talent’

Poonam Chopra, British Sky Broadcasting