Creative Process was established in 1998 in response to a Government creative commission led by Charles Landry that focused on how to support and grow the creative sector through training and business support. During 2007/8 we worked with the new sector skills councils to develop, write and pilot apprenticeship frameworks for the creative industries. In 2009 we launched the Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship in partnership with Creative Skillset and the National Apprenticeship Service at Apple’s UK HQ. Since then we have become the leading provider of apprenticeships for the creative, digital and tech sector and currently have over 250 young people on our apprenticeship programme.

We are a small not for profit organisation and growing fast. This growth is fuelled by a new generation of digital talent that hold business critical skillsets and new approaches to creative solutions; young people who are digital savvy and innovative, creating and consuming media in ways that were unimaginable all of just ten years ago. The digital revolution is well and truly here!

There is a big digital skills gap in the UK, limiting the sector’s growth and prosperity alongside thousands of young people applying for our apprenticeships. Many of them are graduate calibre applicants but want to avoid the £40k+ worth of debt that a degree now delivers. They have raw, digital talent and a real hunger to make an impact in their chosen career and your company.

The companies that we work with recognise the importance of capturing this talent as well as reflecting these changing markets and skillsets within their own workforce. Infact some of our earlier apprentices are now running the digital departments that first hired them. We have every confidence that as Digital Britain and the digital world is set to explode that our apprenticeship programme and some of the fantastically innovative employers that we work with will soon be responsible for producing some of the UK’s very own Mark Zuckerbergs and Steve Jobs of the future.

We hope that you will join us in equipping Digital Britain with a new generation of Digital Apprentices.

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