• An apprenticeship, simply put, is a job + training - you’ll typically work 4 days in the job and study for 1 day a week (amounting to around 80% work and 20% study over the year, though exact timings vary role to role).
  • To be an apprentice you must be aged at least 16, not have a degree and be normally resident in England or the EU*.
  • You must also be ambitious, creative, keen to succeed and able to commit to working for an employer for at least 12 months.
  • We offer apprenticeships at level 3, equivalent to two good A-levels, or level 4, equivalent to the first year of a degree.
  • Our apprenticeships are ideal for anyone keen to begin a career in any one of a number of creative industry fields, including: web design, digital content, account management, media buying and planning, social media marketing, digital marketing, video production, pre- and post-production, camera operation, photography, graphic design, 3D animation and technical assistance.
  • Currently 86% of our apprentices are taken on by their employer at the end of their apprenticeship, about 10% go into Higher Education
  • The rest are usually quickly snapped up by other employers thanks to their industry recognised qualification and year’s work experience – they enjoy advantages over other candidates such as references from their employer, invaluable industry contacts and having already built-up networks.
  • Interested? Browse our current vacancies and apply for a role – once you are employed the training can begin.


*(If you have not been resident in the UK for 3 years the funding rules can be a little bit more complex – page 115 onwards. Contact the National Careers Service for further advice.)


‘The Creative Process Apprenticeship has been an amazing experience and a fast track to an amazing career’

Piers Batchelor M&C Saatchi Mobile Apprentice